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Summer Research


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and hi everyone.

Alhamdulillah last summer I was given the chance to do a research on the area that I’m most interested in – FIQH. After 2 months of researching (which I think is too short of a time)  and with the limited knowledge I had, I presented my findings in front of the board of directors of IIIT (I dreaded the moment back then but now, how I wish I could re-do it and better prepare myself.)

Given only 2 months, I must say I wasn’t even half-way done with the research when I had to present it. Therefore, InshaAllah I will continue working on the research myself (with revised outline and structure) this summer and the research will also be part of my MasterPIES project.


Research timeline/progress.

  1. [10th May 09] Research Kick Start – Maqasid Shariah Made Simple by Fazrul Ismail this Sunday!.
  2. [12th May 09] : Draft on flow of research paper due subject to approval/disapproval.
  3. [13th May 09] : Timeline/dateline for each chapter due.
  4. [14th May 09] : Research and write up starts  (where the blog will serve as a discussion platform, so visit often and help me on my research =)


(Full posts can be found on the main page. This page will provide the timeline and news on progress of the project).



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