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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone.

Tulips Festival 08, Holland MI.

Tulips Festival 08, Holland MI.


Summer comes, summer goes.

Alhamdulillah, the summer is almost here (it’s still Spring here in Michigan and I still need my blankie to keep me warm at night =) and mashaAllah the tulips are all blooming in profusion! The semester is over and alhamdulillah with all His mighty grace, I’m given another chance to pursue another interest of mine, hence the blog.

And Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.

Sonnet 18, Shakespeare.

Summer shall fade and time will fly and I, what would I do to make sure I get most of my summer? Plan shall I try but it is Him who will decide.

InshaAllah this summer I decided to be part of the MasterPIES program conducted by Akh Fazrul Ismail. The program which commenced on Apr 15 will run for 3 months until 15th of July and aims to help the participants realize and master their Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual potential.


So, a short introduction on the P.I.E.S (I just started the program so I guess I myself am still trying to better grasp the concept of it =)

Why do we need to Master our PIES?

For us to recognize and rediscover our spiritual capacity we must develop and progress in all three aspects of our life. Our Physical cognizance must be awakened, conscious understanding of our thoughts must be Intellectually built and we also have to learn how our Emotions communicate and react with the self and the rest of the world. One who already has goals set in his life, if able to discover his PIES capacity might be able to work his way through towards achieving his goals (with the ultimate goal, to obtain Allah’s pleasure =) systematically.

That is just a bit about it, more will come as I put my experience and thoughts into words here in this blog.



A beginner I am, a life long learner I hope to be.

InshaAllah in this blog I shall share my experience being part of the MasterPIES program. My notes and research findings might not be the best to refer to but criticism and suggestions I most welcome.

Along with my records on the MasterPIES program, I will also put up posts on my other summer researches, activities and readings, biidznillah.

I pray and hope that only words that benefit will be presented here and I pray to Allah that those that would harm will not stick neither to the tongue nor the heart.

But just as the nafs may assert itself by means of speech, it may also be gratified by silence, and this, too, is to be guarded against. For silence can be nothing more than a ploy to convince others of one’s own gravement and piety; likewise, to remain silent in the presence of falsehood would be nothing that ‘dumb evil’. The key is to be sought in the heart; as Bishr al-Hafi taught: ‘When it would please you to speak, be silent, and when it would please you to be silent, speak!

Al-Ghazali on Disciplining the Soul & on Breaking the Two Desires, Book XXII and XXIII of the Revival of the Religious Sciences.

As much as I would love to take this chance to further improve my proficiency in English (to have my posts written in English), I will still write in Malay (bahasa ibunda, lebih mudah kan?) and at times if my vocabulary permits in Arabic (batkalim a’rabi syuwayyah =)

Ya Allah, kami berlindung dengan Engkau dari ilmu yang tidak bermanfaat dan tidak berguna. Dan dari hati yang tidak kusyuk.Dan dari doa yang tidak diendahkan dan dari nafsu yang tidak puas-puas dan tiada kenyang-kenyangnya.Ya Allah, kami berlindung dengan Engkau dari syak wasangka dan dari kemusyrikan dan dari munafiq dan dari keburukan akhlak dan budi pekerti.


My interest?

Oh, I did write that I’m pursuing my interest this summer, didn’t I?

InshaAllah taking the advantage of being part of the program under the coaching of Akh Fazrul Ismai, I will continue to work on my research that I started last summer and will update my findings in the blog. Am looking forward to work on it =)

Summer 09, loving the books =)

Summer 08, loving the books =)

More updates on the research coming inshaAllah!


Without further ado…

A little bit too long for an introduction eh?

Sorry for the lengthy intro, so inshaAllah in the Name of Allah the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful, I shall now launch the blog to work its purposes.

Be sure to come often! Help me work through my projects and share your thoughts and comments!



My little arabic dictionary.

Moosim = season

al-Saif = summer

Ta’ali = come here!

**Batkallim = I speak

**Syuwayyah = A little.

(**egyptian colloquial arabic)



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