Annkays’ PIE built on the S.

– The candle is not there to illuminate itself –

Within that split second.

Posted by annkays on June 23, 2009

The electricity went off for a couple of minutes.
And life stopped.

I can’t cook – the stove wont function without electricity.
I can’t do my work (on the net)  – the modem refuse to work without electricity.
I can’t bathe – the bathroom is too dark.

And what worse is – I am afraid of the dark!

It makes me wonder – how dependent have we gotten ourselves into living with electricity and how helpless we can get without it. Too dependent…

But it shall come back, the electricity. Maybe it was just a minor maintenance that was going on – but most of us are already panicking.

It’ll come back, it will. I reassure myself“.

How about the life itself? What happen when the light is gone and the soul is taken away? Would it come back?

What happen when we are no longer able to feed our physical and intellectual body, train our emotional being and work them towards the utmost spiritual gain – which is the gain that shall be the one to help us when nothing else can?

In that is a Sign for those who fear the penalty of the Hereafter: that is a Day for which mankind will be gathered together: that will be a Day of Testimony. Nor shall We delay it but for a term appointed. (Qur’an 11.102-7)

PROPHET MUHAMMAD, peace be upon him, said, “There are seven whom Allah will shade in His Shade on the Day when there is no shade except His Shade: 1) a just ruler; 2) a youth who grew up in the worship of Allah; 3) a man whose heart is attached to the Masjid; 4) two who love each other for Allah’s sake, meeting for that and parting upon that; 5) a man who is called by a woman of beauty and position (for illegal intercourse), but he says: ‘I fear Allah’; 6) a man who gives in charity and hides it, such that his left hand does not know what his right hand gives in charity; 7) and a man who remembered Allah in private and so his eyes shed tears.” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

The Prophet PBUH said: “If a human dies, then his good deeds stop except for three: a Sadaqa Jariah (continuous charity), a beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him”.   (Narrated by Muslim.)

Astaghfirullah al-azim…

The light is back and I’m no longer scared.
But the Day will definitely come and will I regret my life that I waste?



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