Annkays’ PIE built on the S.

– The candle is not there to illuminate itself –

“P.I.E.S.? Not again!”

Posted by annkays on May 24, 2009

I gotta conquer my P momentum. Time to wake up for Fajr!” and she jumped out of her bed.

Ya Allah, my E is so low today. P,I,S help me up! ” said her inner self when difficulty struck.

There is still 2 hours before Zuhur is out. No, need to pray now! When S is good, all is going to be good,” she convinced herself when it was time to pray.

It has been 6 weeks since I first committed myself to the MasterPIES program and alhamdulillah I am seeing the benefit myself.





“Oh my, not PIES again!”

But for some, friends especially, listening to everything being labeled under four categories  P, I, E, S might be annoying. And I first thought so too – life has been either P, I, E, S or a combination of some of the four lately.  But I must say it all come naturally – I would naturally categorize my feelings, activities into these 4 aspects that it has already become a habit.

But I guess that is just how it works.

Recognizing trainees’ level of behavior

Level 1 : Unconsciously incompetence : you don’t know about what you don’t know.

Level 2 : you are very aware of what you don’t know

Level 3 : You are very aware of what you do know

Level 4 : Unconsciously competence : you can use your knowledge without having to think about it.

One can not know what he doesn’t know and still continue living his life. But as he lives and experience life, he will get to know stuffs he never knew and become aware of it – and his level of behavior increases to level 2.  And as he take necessary actions to learn (if he choose to do so),  those knowledge that he once do not know will become more and more prevalent to him and he’ll be in his pursuit towards learning and understanding them until at one point, he become aware of what he knows.

Level 3 is I think the level that most of us is at. We learn a lot of theories, whether in school or from our daily experience. But in order to be able to have it at our finger tips, applied automatically when called for, we first have to manually register it in our mind every time we encounter moments where those theories are applicable – before we finally be able to use our knowledge without having to think about it.

A General Exposition of the Means by which Good Character may be Acquired.

..One of these is through Divine Grace, and completeness of innate disposition, whereby man is born and created with a sound intellect and a good character and is preserved from the powers of desire and anger, which are created in him moderately and submissive to the intellect and Law. Thus he becomes learned without an instructor, and disciplined without being subject to any discipline, in the manner of Jesus, the son of Mary and John, the son of Zacharia, and all the other prophets (may the blessing of God  be upon them all)…

…The second is acquisition of these traits of character by means of spiritual struggle and exercise. By this I mean the constraining of the soul to perform the actions which necessarily proceed from the trait desired.

Al-Ghazali on Disciplining the Soul & on Breaking the Two Desires, Book XXII and XXIII of the Revival of the Religious Sciences.

After reading and learning the PIES myself, I came to know that to be able to live it, you have to strive for it. To be able to make it reflexive you have to first do it regularly, PLANNED  until it become a natural habit (Level 4).

And that, I will try to do and practice so that one day, my self will be able to be spiritually uplifted by my P, I and E without me having to think.


It’s all about learning by association :).

(reminds us of Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning doesn’t it?)



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