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[week 3] Mastering your PIES with Credit Hour Juice.

Posted by annkays on May 20, 2009


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and hi everyone.

Question :

Can a person master his PIES potential without mastering (and applying in life) the concept of Credit Hour Juice?

My take :

No, one can’t.

“Value five things before five other things:

  • Youth before old age;
  • health before sickness;
  • affluence before poverty;
  • leisure before becoming too busy;
  • and life before death.”


From the hadith, the Prophet emphasizes the importance to take benefit of the five nikmah (gift) given by Allah before come the other five. Although the statements look simple and easily written, those uttered words by The Prophet (Pbuh) are not just mere theories. They indeed require utmost commitments and perseverance to be able to grab those five before they are gone.

A quick recap;

Credit Hour Juice – a time management tools to squeeze (perform a task)  squeezingly.

MasterPIES – to know and master your Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual capacity and utilize them to achieve your goals.

You can examine and recognize your potential but you will not be able to thoroughly understand, master and utilize them without a proper time management tool, and this is why one needs to master the concept of Credit Hour Juice to be able to act upon one’s awareness of one’s potential.

Take for example, when your E is down (eg: sad) , would your intellect be able to convince you that “it’s a must to get up and fight back”? or would your already worn out Physical dominate and tell you to succumb instead? And would you be spiritually strong enough to not let these aspects down? – in order to understand your PIES, you must then be able to recognize  your goals, what is important and urgent, and what is not. You must also be able to resist the temptation to fall hard and not be able to move on – to keep the momentum going! Above all, you must be aware of the time you have and the time you’ve allocated for development of each aspect of PIE in your life.

In short,  you have to learn to balance your PIES to get to your goals!

How? by acknowledging that our time is limited and therefore we have to manage it wisely.

“There are two blessings that most people are deluded by. Health and available time.”





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