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Posted by annkays on January 1, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hi,

It’s been a while since any update is posted on this blog. Alhamdulillah I graduated from MasterPIES training program and have benefited a lot from the 3 months intensive since then 🙂

All writings in this blog are nothing compared to the many references one can find on the internet. Although there are not much, feel free to share anything from this blog if it benefits. My request is only to humbly ask you to credit any items taken from this blog accordingly to Inda Hanum Samsi.

All the best!

p/s: Came across some of my writing copied and pasted (word-by-word) without proper citation and it saddens me..


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Reading That Values Your Time, Money and Energy

Posted by annkays on September 22, 2009

by Inda Hanum Samsi

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read. -Mark Twain

Do you read? I bet you do. I do too. But do you have to struggle to read or you find it easy to keep up with today’s best-sellers that come into the market one after another?

Have you ever been in situations where you find yourself getting bored of reading because it took you so long to finish a book that you can’t wait to switch to another books with new themes and ideas?

True, some people do have the skills to speed read that they can finish reading a book within a few hours (and are still able to grasp the whole idea of the book like sponge absorbing water!) but as for me unfortunately, reading a book can take hours, weeks and sometimes months!

It is a widely known fact that knowledge equal power. Your capability to learn, comprehend and apply success principles that you pick up from reading is vital to help manage and maneuver your life in today’s demanding world.

So, how do we tackle this problem of wanting to gain so much knowledge but lacking the skills to read in speed? To add to that, our time is limited to be spent too much on a book (or at least we thought so…).

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. -James Bryce

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Just the advice I need.

Posted by annkays on June 26, 2009

If you experience too much in your head, express in will find it helps a lot.


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Within that split second.

Posted by annkays on June 23, 2009

The electricity went off for a couple of minutes.
And life stopped.

I can’t cook – the stove wont function without electricity.
I can’t do my work (on the net)  – the modem refuse to work without electricity.
I can’t bathe – the bathroom is too dark.

And what worse is – I am afraid of the dark!

It makes me wonder – how dependent have we gotten ourselves into living with electricity and how helpless we can get without it. Too dependent…

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MasterPIES @ Michigan – final call and participants’ checklist.

Posted by annkays on June 17, 2009

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Semoga para pembaca sihat walafiat. Sihat fizikal, sihal intelektual, sihat, emosional, sihat spiritual inshaAllah. Waktunya kian hampir dan sebagai salah seorang yang membantu merancang program, tidak dinafikan saya kini semakin nervous menanti hari bakal berlangsungnya program ini.

Selesai merancang, masa untuk bertindak.

Kurang daripada seminggu lagi program MasterPIES di Michigan bakal berlangsung. Alhamdulillah dengan segala bantuan dariNya, segala perancangan selesai dibuat dan kini menanti masa untuk dilaksanakan biidznillah. Berikut ada maklumat lengkap program:

Program : MasterPIES@Michigan – Unleash Your Potential
Tarikh : 20 dan 21 Jun, 2009 (program rasmi), 22 Jun 2009 (sesi coaching tambahan)
Tempat : Chrysler Auditorium & Lounge (20-21 Jun), Pierpont Commons (22 Jun)
Pelatih : Fazrul Ismail (Fazrul Ismail is a consultant, coach and trainer. His interest is in Systems Thinking. Several modules has been developed to help people managing life much more holistic and systemic. One of the famous module is Master PIES. If you are interested to know more, please visit

Seperti email-email yang telah dihantar sebelum ini, program ini bakal membincangkan model PIES (Physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual) dan bagaimana seseorang dapat memaksimumkan potensi masing-masing dalam mencapai gol-gol di dalam hidup ini dan selepasnya (inshaallah kita bukan sahaja ingin berjaya di dunia ini tetapi di dunia seterusnya =)

Antara tools dan tips yang bakal anda pelajari sepanjang program

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Special Project : MasterPIES @ Michigan – Unleash Your Potential!

Posted by annkays on June 15, 2009

MasterPIESAssalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

InshaAllah hopefully everyone is doing well. Despite the swine flu outbreak, may everyone’s well being be in the best state physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually inshaAllah.

This June, in conjunction with the MasterPIES program which are still ongoing until the 15th of July 2009, an on site training will be held and will be opened to the public. Details are as follow:

Unleash Your Potential!
Date : 20th-21st June (formal session), 22nd June (extra session for those interested)
Venue : University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Trainer : Akh Fazrul Ismail.


Briefly about this program:

We will discuss PIES model and how it can elevate the potential of our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being. By the end of the program, everyone can see how to harness the maximum of one’s capability to reach his/her goal in this world and hereafter. This program will answer:

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[Week 5] Mastery of I

Posted by annkays on May 24, 2009

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[Week 4] Sorry, I can’t stop – it’s the PIES inertia!

Posted by annkays on May 24, 2009

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“P.I.E.S.? Not again!”

Posted by annkays on May 24, 2009

I gotta conquer my P momentum. Time to wake up for Fajr!” and she jumped out of her bed.

Ya Allah, my E is so low today. P,I,S help me up! ” said her inner self when difficulty struck.

There is still 2 hours before Zuhur is out. No, need to pray now! When S is good, all is going to be good,” she convinced herself when it was time to pray.

It has been 6 weeks since I first committed myself to the MasterPIES program and alhamdulillah I am seeing the benefit myself.





“Oh my, not PIES again!”

But for some, friends especially, listening to everything being labeled under four categories  P, I, E, S might be annoying. And I first thought so too – life has been either P, I, E, S or a combination of some of the four lately.  But I must say it all come naturally – I would naturally categorize my feelings, activities into these 4 aspects that it has already become a habit.

But I guess that is just how it works.

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[week 3] Mastering your PIES with Credit Hour Juice.

Posted by annkays on May 20, 2009


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and hi everyone.

Question :

Can a person master his PIES potential without mastering (and applying in life) the concept of Credit Hour Juice?

My take :

No, one can’t.

“Value five things before five other things:

  • Youth before old age;
  • health before sickness;
  • affluence before poverty;
  • leisure before becoming too busy;
  • and life before death.”


From the hadith, the Prophet emphasizes the importance to take benefit of the five nikmah (gift) given by Allah before come the other five. Although the statements look simple and easily written, those uttered words by The Prophet (Pbuh) are not just mere theories. They indeed require utmost commitments and perseverance to be able to grab those five before they are gone.

A quick recap;

Credit Hour Juice – a time management tools to squeeze (perform a task)  squeezingly.

MasterPIES – to know and master your Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual capacity and utilize them to achieve your goals.

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